Dear Schools, Administrators, Parents, Cricket loving school boys,

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Bakers Inn Future League (BIFL) on the 1 March 2020.

The Alistair Campbell High Performance Programme (ACHPP), Bakers Inn Future League (BIFL) is an initiative to help grow the game of cricket in Zimbabwe. A pilot programme set to run from 1st March 2020 till 31st August 2020 (5 months), whereby the ACHPP will assist Zimbabwe Cricket, in its private capacity, to develop youth cricket in Zimbabwe and hopefully provide a springboard for the next generation of Zimbabwe Cricket stars.

The BIFL will incorporate high density talent in the programme in each age group to ensure holistic development of the game of cricket in Zimbabwe. The intention of the league is to ensure participation and playing the game at a club level and will in no way assist or hinder a school boys’ selection into National or provincial teams but rather offer exposure, development and a passion to play.

The BIFL will work as follows:


  1. Junior Age Group: u13 and u14 age group (Partridges),
  2. Middle Age Group: u15 and u16 age group (Fawns)
  3. Open Age Group: u17, u18 and u19 (u19).

In each age group there will be 4 teams run in a franchise system:

  1. Panthers,
  2. Leopards,
  3. Wolves,
  4. Tigers

20 over and 50 over games to be played on Sundays (unless otherwise stated). 5 overs per side tournaments to be played on Saturday nights.

  1. 20 over League with log system.
  2. 50 over League with log system.
  3. 5 overs per side, tournaments style night cricket.

To compliment the playing initiative, there will be an opportunity to join the “cricketers club” with a nominal monthly fee that will offer members access to high class indoor and outdoor training facilities, discount on selected cricket equipment and other members benefits. Please visit the website, for cricket equipment price list.

As the launch date is fast approaching, I ask that if you are interested in being part of this exciting initiative, to please send an email to with the following list of questions copied and pasted into the body of your email:

  1. Players full name:
  2. Players date of birth:
  3. Players current school attended:
  4. Players team played for at school:
  5. Players batting role for school: (batsman number in school team order)
  6. Players bowling role for school: (fast/medium/spin)
  7. Wicket keeper: (yes/no)
  8. Players contact details if any:
  9. Parent/Guardian details:
  10. Players allergies or any information the League needs to be aware of

We have also set up a WhatsApp number for further queries or communication: +263784568724

Our first objective is to build the above database as soon as possible. We will then share more information in due course.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all and giving an opportunity to our up and coming future Zimbabwe Cricket stars!!!!


Dirk Viljoen