Core Programme

The aim is to offer a four-month programme to aspiring local and international cricketers. This programme will encapsulate all that is required to take that ‘next step’. Life skills, community work and contributing to conservation will compliment a high class cricket experience. The High Performance Programme will utilise a variety of centres around the country including Harare Country Club, Harare, LowveldKwekwe, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. This will enable us to experience different locations within the country and access different conditions. Successful cricketers emerging from the core programme will be given the opportunity to participate in the Elite Programme.

Elite Programme

This four-month programme provides another level of learning and experience to professional cricketers who are at the beginning of their careers - or perhaps returning from injury. The 'Rangers' play in the local club competition and if the players are good enough can be selected for one of the five 1st Class Franchises in Zimbabwe. This programme includes – and expands upon – all the extra-curricular studies and activities of the Core Programme and uses the same variety of venues. But at its centre is hard, competitive cricket across all three formats.

1st Semester

7th October- 20th December

Christmas Break

20th December- 6th January

2nd Semester

6th January- 7th March

  • 1st Semester
  • $US4500
  • 2nd Semester
  • $US4500
  • Full Programme
  • $US8500

Useful Information

  • The cricket aspect will be intense but not over-powering. If the investment in a cricket career does not pay dividends it will provide memories and lessons for life – and may well provide a return in other ways.
  • Participants will be required to coach but also contribute in social ways to local communities.
  • Life in ‘the bush’ and a contribution to nature conservation, particularly rhino conservation and lion-breeding, form part of the curriculum. Participants may feel vulnerable and exposed at times, but an expert will never be far away.
  • Life Skills, Executive Coaching. Media Training and Public Speaking form an important part of the Programme. No matter how reluctant the participants are for the second two!
  • The Programme includes a Level 1 coaching and umpiring course. They will be required to organise and run junior practise sessions (and possibly senior sessions) but will be spared official umpiring duties. (Probably).
  • An internationally qualified, cricket-specific Strength and Conditioning coach forms part of the team to assist and monitor participants on specialised programmes.
  • It is possible to join for just one of the semesters (at a small premium) although numbers are limited and priority will be given to those participating in both semesters.
  • The cost is ‘full-board’ – accommodation, transport and three meals a day. Leisure expenditure will be for the participants own account as will the two-week Christmas break. Advice, recommendations and bookings will be on-hand for those wishing to explore neighbouring countries, more of Zimbabwe, return home or welcome family/friends to the country.
  • Airfares are not included - Emirates flies direct to Harare and the extra baggage allowance is always useful.
  • Significant emphasis is placed on quality Game-Time. The ACHPP will participate in the in the Harare Club League. Player will be given time off if selected for any 1st Class Franchise they are selected for.
  • Despite the economic tribulations of the country as a whole the cricket facilities remain top-class and there is an abundance of willing and talented cricketers keen to make an impression.
  • Zimbabwe used to be a regular, popular and economically prudent destination for county pre-season tours. I am convinced those days can return. Tourism numbers in Vic Falls are at an all-time high and the rest of the country is keen to move on from the previous regime and rebuild relationships.